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Cyber security from a non-tech perspective

Daniel Olsson | Magnus Gruvstedt

Cyber security from a non-tech perspective

In today’s digital society it’s important to not completely rely on technical solutions regarding cyber security, because in reality, we don’t have all the solutions. Organisations today must educate their employees on how to lower risks from a non-technical perspective.

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Working with Secure Architecture is one of the many things we do on Truesec.

The key driver for this is our determination for our customers to have efficient and secure Information and IT capability.

Having control of your organizations’ architecture and having the ability to within the architecture efficiently adapt to changes, or change the architecture is key for organizations, preferably without exposing the organization to the unwanted level of risk.

A key enabler for long-term success for organizations is a well-designed, fit for purpose, architecture. Enterprise architecture is the governance and operation of the organization’s capabilities, processes, and technology that is all in synch.

In our session, we will talk about our point of view regarding frameworks and models that support our mission.

In this area of expertise there are no precise rights or wrongs, so let’s talk about how we do to reach our objectives as Architects. As in most other areas in business as well as in IT, the most difficult question to answer is the “how”. We will share our thoughts based on our experiences.

Key learnings:

  • What is secure enterprise architecture
  • Risk vs value in an enterprise architecture
  • Digitalization and rapid development


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Target groups:

C-level, Security managers, IT managers, IT technicians, IT professionals, and for those who work in an IT department and who are interested in security issues. 

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Magnus Gruvstedt

Cyber Security Consultant

Magnus is an experienced Cyber Security Consultant with a background as a business and solution architect. He has a natural ability to map, document and translate business processes, legal requirements, capabilities and information needs into requirements and solutions. The strength lies in combining business know-how, IT knowledge with security knowledge to identify change needs and solutions.

Daniel Olsson

Senior Architect 

After several years as an IT Architect in the infrastructure area I have gained extensive knowledge in the digitalization of business. Through the joint force with my fellow colleagues we have re-developed our own methods in finding, prioritize and communicate and helping our customers to find core and business values with the support of IT. My experience in cooperation with several of Sweden’s municipality’s, industry and in logistics has given me a solid foundation to stand on and a vast collection of artifacts.