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SolarWinds breached and how nation-state operates

Hasain Alshakarti | Fabio Viggiani

Solarwinds breached and how nation-state hackers operate

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Truesec’s Threat Intelligence is sharing information about the largest security breach during 2020, affecting not just the US Government but also global Enterprise customers. Including a presentation of how state-sponsored hackers operate.



Target Audience:

Security managers, IT managers, IT technicians, IT professionals, and those of you who work in an IT department and who are interested in security issues.


Fabio Viggiani

Cyber Security Expert

Hasain Alshakarti

Hasain Alshakarti

MVP & Cyber Security Expert

Hasain is an acknowledged security expert and computer industry speaker; he has been speaking at MS IgniteTechED US, TechED Europe, and TechDays as well as other events and conferences across the world. 

Besides being a very popular instructor for the last 20 yearsHasain is especially focusing on Cybersecurity and Identityhelping customers understand and implement security measures. 

Hasain has a background as a developer and works closely with developers to help them understand security demands and realize in applications and systems without losing functionality and usabilityHe’s a member of the TrueSec Security Team, Microsoft Extended Expert Team (MEET), and a recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in Enterprise Security.