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Stories From the CSIRT Front Lines

2021-06-17 kl 14:00 (CET) | 8:00 am (EST)
Rasmus Grönlund | Annika Hedlund

Stories From the CSIRT Front Lines

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The good, the bad and the ugly, directly from the front lines of cyber crime.

This tech talk will include real descriptions of real scenarios and activities that has occurring during incident response engagements, following a cyber breach. What happened, was it good or bad and how should it have been handled both during the crisis, but also preemptively to it breach occurring.

Key learnings:

  • What it really is like when a severe cyber incident happens
  • Tips and recommendations on how to act during and preemptively to a breach
  • Real life examples of techniques and methods used by threat actors


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Target groups:

C-level, Security managers, IT managers, IT technicians, IT professionals, and for those who work in an IT department and who are interested in security issues.



Annika Hedlund

Annika has a broad and deep technical background from both the supplier and customer side. She has a burning passion for technology combined with seeing things in a larger context. Her experience and knowledge together with the ability to share is highly appreciated by both customers and colleagues. Today she works as a Senior Architect and Incident Manager at Truesec. In her role, she works both proactively and reactively to help more organizations meet the growing needs around cybersecurity.

Rasmus Grönlund

Rasmus is a security tester and one of Truesec lead forensic investigator. He specializes in how to protect and defend central organisational infrastructure.

His interests are in two different yet related sections. On one end, he enjoys forensic analysis and threat hunting. On the other end, he likes performing complex security tests for sensitive and high security environments.