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Is the Notorious Cybercrime Gang Evil Corp actually Russian Spies?

Fabio Viggiani | Mattias Wåhlén

Is the Notorious Cyber crime Gang Evil Corp actually Russian Spies?

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Truesec has previously documented how Russian ransomware gangs profit from being left alone by Russian law enforcement, as long as they abide by certain unwritten rules.
In our latest talk we show that the connections seem to go even deeper, as we research ties between the notorious cybercrime group Evil Corp and Russian Intelligence.
What we found was an elusive threat actor that performs highly sophisticated ransomware attacks, but has also been tied to a large cyber espionage campaign.

This tech talk explores the connection between the criminal and espionage parts of this group, as well as their link to Evil Corp and other documented operations.

Key learnings:

  • A sophisticated ransomware attack
  • Ties between Evil Corp and espionage
  • How Deception can be used to hide a Threat Actor’s true purpose
  • Understanding ways that Russia is acting on the Cyber arena


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Target groups:

C-level, Security managers, IT managers, IT technicians, IT professionals, and for those who work in an IT department and who are interested in security issues.




Mattias Wåhlén

Mattias Wåhlén is Threat Intelligence Lead at Truesec. He heads our research into Threat Actors and their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP).

Mattias interests include both the technical aspects and the human element in Threat intelligence and the understanding of Threat Actors and their operations.

Fabio Viggiani

Technical lead of Truesec Security Team

Detta ger honom en stark inblick i det aktuella hotlandskapet och de senaste attackerna och detekteringsteknikerna.