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Security therapy for software teams

Richard Ulfvin | Sebastian Olsson

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This session will act as a self-help guide for development teams and leaders that want to improve the overall security posture, and at the same time promote speed in the development lifecycle.

Application security is not just for security consultants. With the right methodologies, support, and self-confidence any software team can improve their security posture and ability to meet the security expectations of customers and management.

This session looks at some easy wins through a shift in both mindset and tools to help you succeed in a DevSecOps journey, while at the same time democratizing application security for the whole team.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Why shifting left is important in application security
  • How encouraging the whole team to talk about security will reduce security risk
  • Applying DevSecOps thinking to your development process


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Target groups:

Software developers, software project managers, software product managers, information security professionals.



Richard Ulfvin

Sebastian Olsson

Focused on security, performance and architecture. I enjoy making software secure by designing it well. Ideally in a way that actually boosts productivity and developer happiness.

Sebastian tend to spend much time analyzing software architecture and development life cycles. Otherwise interested in programming, cryptography, secure communications, identities and distributed systems.