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Your business is under attack – Who you gonna call?

Jordan Benzing | Mats Hultgren

Your business is under attack – Who you gonna call?

Cybersecurity. The little buzz word everyone whispers when they need extra capital to buy the next “security” tool. As the global workforce shifts from on-prem to the work from anywhere strategy due to external forces.

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Join two of Truesecs Cyber Security Incident response team members, the Leader/Strategist, Mats Hultgren, and the Cleaner/Medic, Jordan Benzing. These experts will help you explore a spooky graveyard of security incidents. During this session, you’ll hear and be shown examples of how attackers have taken advantage of users and how our experts have helped companies get back up from the knock-out blow an attacker delivered.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Examples of how attackers gained a foothold – and some tips on how to watch for those footholds
  • A rough first step plan on what to do when it happens with forensics to ensure the environment isn’t still compromised
  • A rough first step plan on how to start recovery and security traps to avoid


During the Live Webcast, we will have time for Q&A:s to answer your questions. Do you want to ask a question in advance or worried you will think of something after the event? No problem, you can ask our experts anytime at



Target Audience:

Security managers, IT managers, IT technicians, IT professionals, and those of you who work in an IT department and who are interested in security issues.

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Mats Hultgren

Mats Hultgren

VP Cyber Strategies & Incident Manager

Mats är Incident Manager för Truesec Group och en känd betrodd rådgivare inom Protect, Detect & Respond. Han uppskattas särskilt för sin förmåga att tolka och förklara komplexa problem och lösningar på ett sätt som det är vettigt för alla. Han är en uppskattad talare vid Security eller Management Events. Hans ämnen är vanligtvis säkerhetshot, sårbarheter, respons på händelser och hur organisationer kan uppnå en säker digital transformation.

Jordan Benzing

MVP and Truesec Senior Consultant

Jordan is ConfigMgr geek specializing in software updates, PowerShell, and reporting. Jordan speaks at several conferences and user groups each year. He frequently posts up-to-date information and community tools for PowerShell and PowerBI at